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Set up the Graph Query Engine

Set up the database

Set up a MySQL1 database connection with Docker:

docker run \
--name "mysql-8.0" \
--env MYSQL_DB="mysql" \
--env MYSQL_USER="sea" \
--env MYSQL_PASSWORD="sea" \
--env MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD="root" \
-d -p 3306:3306 mysql:8.0
docker stop "mysql-8.0"

Run the tests

# starfish-ql/starfish/
DATABASE_URL="mysql://root:root@localhost:3306" cargo test --all

Start the query engine

# starfish-ql/starfish/
cargo run --release

Alternatively, use the default compilation profile so that logs and SQL commands are displayed in the terminal.

# starfish-ql/starfish/
cargo run

  1. Until SeaQuery provides more support, only MySQL databases are supported in StarfishQL.