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The Objective

StarfishQL is a framework for providing a graph database and a graph query engine that interacts with it.

Throughout this documentation, a concrete example (Freeport) involving the graph of crate dependency on is used for illustration. With this example, you can see StarfishQL in action.

At the end of the day, we're interested in performing graph analysis, that is to extract meaningful information out of plain graph data. To achieve that, we believe that visualization is a crucial aid.

StarfishQL's query engine is designed to be able to incorporate different forms of visualization by using a flexible query language. However, the development of the project has been centred around the following, as showcased in our demo app.

Top-N Dependencies

Bright image1.

Traverse the graph in the normal direction starting from the N most connected nodes.

Dependencies & Dependents

Bright image2.

Traverse the graph in both the normal and reversed directions starting from a root node.