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Running Migration

Running Migration on Any MSSQL Schema

By default migration will be run on the dbo schema, you can now override it when running migration on the CLI or programmatically.

For CLI, you can specify the target schema with -s / --database_schema option:

  • via sea-orm-cli: sea-orm-cli migrate -u mssql://root:root@localhost/database -s my_schema
  • via SeaORM migrator: cargo run -- -u mssql://root:root@localhost/database -s my_schema

You can also run the migration on the target schema programmatically:

// With the default `dbo` schema
let connect_options = ConnectOptions::new("mssql://root:root@localhost/database");
// Or, override the default schema
let connect_options = ConnectOptions::new("mssql://root:root@localhost/database?currentSchema=my_schema");

let db = Database::connect(connect_options).await?

migration::Migrator::up(&db, None).await?;