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Version: 0.10.x

Connection Pool

To obtain a database connection, use the Database interface:

let db: DatabaseConnection = Database::connect("protocol://username:password@host/database").await?;

protocol can be mysql:, postgres: or sqlite:.

host is usually localhost, a domain name or an IP address.

Under the hood, a sqlx::Pool is created and owned by DatabaseConnection.

Each time you call execute or query_one/all on it, a connection will be acquired and released from the pool.

Multiple queries will execute in parallel as you await on them.

Connect Options

To configure the connection, use the ConnectOptions interface:

let mut opt = ConnectOptions::new("protocol://username:password@host/database".to_owned());
.set_schema_search_path("my_schema".into()); // Setting default PostgreSQL schema

let db = Database::connect(opt).await?;