Rust Developer Intern

Worldwide · Internship

What Do We Do

Open source projects

What We're Looking For

A bright mind and an eagerness to push forward the frontier of software engineering.

What You'll Be Doing

  • We design, develop and maintain open source libraries.
  • You will answers questions, investigate issues, design features, write code, write tests and perform other necessary tasks of an open source developer.
Why You Should Join Us

You will engage in original research & development of open source software, teaming with other bright-minded individuals from the SeaQL Team and interacting with other developers from across the world.

Our Development Stack

  • Rust
  • Typescript
  • GraphQL
  • SQL

  • Full-time university student with a Computer Science or related major

  • Familiarity with data structures and algorithms
  • Fluency in either of the system programming languages: C++ or Rust
  • Experience in SQL, NoSQL and other database systems
  • A desire to create tools with better Developer Experience (DX)

Prospective contributors please fill in and submit the application form.

Internship @ SeaQL offer internships tailored to university students.

The internships normally take place during summer and winter semester breaks. During the internship period, you will work on a project dedicatedly and publish the project’s outcome at the end.

The striking aspect of our mode of operation is it covers the entire lifecycle of software development, from Design ➡️ Implementation ➡️ Testing ➡️ Delivery. You will be amazed of how much you can achieve in such a short period of time!

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