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Release Model

ยท One min read
Chris Tsang

Today we will outline our release plan in the near future.

One of Rust's slogan is Stability Without Stagnation, and SeaQL's take on it, is 'progression without stagnation'.

Before reaching 1.0, we will be releasing every week, incorporating the latest changes and merged pull requests. There will be at most one incompatible release per month, so you will be expecting 0.2 in Sep 2021 and 0.9 in Apr 2022. We will decide by then whether the next release is an incremental 0.10 or a stable 1.0.

After that, a major release will be rolled out every year. So you will probably be expecting a 2.0 in 2023.

All of these is only made possible with a solid infrastructure. While we have a test suite, its coverage will likely never be enough. We urge you to submit test cases to SeaORM if a particular feature is of importance to you.

We hope that a rolling release model will provide momentum to the community and propell us forward in the near future.