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Version: 0.1.x

The Roadmap

Thank you for reading the documentation up to this chapter. Excuse me for asking you again, if you find this project interesting and/or useful, please star our GitHub repo! Your support is vital to the continued development of SeaStreamer.

Here are a few major components we plan to develop up next:

sea-streamer-file: File Backend

This is very similar to sea-streamer-stdio, but the difference is sea-streamer-stdio works in real-time, while sea-streamer-file works in real-time and replay. That means, sea-streamer-file has the ability to seek through a .ss (sea-stream) file and seek/rewind to a particular timestamp/offset.

In addition, stdio can only work with UTF-8 text data, while file is able to work with binary data.

We might be able to commit consumer states into a local SQLite database, enabling transactional behavior.

sea-streamer-redis: Redis Backend

Redis Streams is a great alternative to Kafka. It would be nice if SeaStreamer can support Redis while delivering the same API, so that your stream processor can be multi-modal!

We are aware of Redis having considerably different semantics from Kafka, but we will try to align their behavioural differences, most likely by implementing additional mechanism client-side.

Your proposal

We welcome you to join our Discussions if you have thoughts and experience!