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Version: 0.11.x

Debug Log

SeaORM (with debug-print feature turned on) logs debug messages via the tracing crate.

You need to setup tracing-subscriber to capture and view the debug log. See the snippet below and a complete example here.

pub async fn main() {

// ...

To filter debug log from sea_orm, you can:

$ RUST_LOG=debug cargo run 2>&1 | grep sea_orm
[2021-02-02T20:20:20Z DEBUG sea_orm::driver::sqlx_mysql] SELECT `cake`.`id`, `cake`.`name` FROM `cake` LIMIT 1

Disabling SQLx Log

To configure the connection, use the ConnectOptions interface:

let mut opt = ConnectOptions::new("protocol://username:password@host/database".to_owned());
opt.sqlx_logging(false) // Disabling SQLx log
.sqlx_logging_level(log::LevelFilter::Info); // Setting SQLx log level

let db = Database::connect(opt).await?;