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Version: 0.3.x

Configuring Features


First of all, please star our GitHub repo! Your support is vital to the continued development of SeaStreamer.

Then, add sea-streamer to the [dependencies] section of your Cargo.toml.

sea-streamer = { version = "0.3", features = [ <BACKEND>, <ASYNC_RUNTIME> ] }

sea-streamer is a facade crate. If you don't enable any features, it will only export the types from sea-streamer-types, which allows you to develop pure crates using those traits and types, without pulling in any backend crates to the dependency tree.

All crates share the same major version. So 0.1 of sea-streamer depends on 0.1 of sea-streamer-socket.

BACKEND: kafka, redis, file, stdio & socket

SeaStreamer currently supports four backends, Kafka, Redis, file and Stdio. Each has their own support crate, and they all implement the same set of abstract traits. It's easy to distinguish the symbols between the crates, because they all start with a prefix.

However, those abstractions are static: you have to designate the concrete Streamer type compile-time. To achieve runtime-abstraction, you can enable the socket flag and use the Sea* types.

Here is a summary of the type names:


ASYNC_RUNTIME: runtime-async-std & runtime-tokio

SeaStreamer currently supports two async runtimes, async-std & Tokio. Enable the one you need. There are also some runtime-generic functions, exposed via the runtime flag, to help you build applications supporting both runtimes.