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Chained Relations

If you have multiple join paths between two entities or have complex joins that chain through multiple entities, you can define it with Linked. Take this as a simple example, where we join cake and filling via an intermediate cake_filling table.

#[derive(Debug)]pub struct CakeToFilling;
impl Linked for CakeToFilling {    type FromEntity = cake::Entity;
    type ToEntity = filling::Entity;
    fn link(&self) -> Vec<RelationDef> {        vec![            cake_filling::Relation::Cake.def().rev(),            cake_filling::Relation::Filling.def(),        ]    }}

Lazy Loading#

Use the find_linked method.

let cake_model = cake::Model {    id: 12,    name: "".to_owned(),};
assert_eq!(    cake_model        .find_linked(cake::CakeToFilling)        .build(DbBackend::MySql)        .to_string(),    [        r#"SELECT `filling`.`id`, `filling`.`name`"#,        r#"FROM `filling`"#,        r#"INNER JOIN `cake_filling` ON `cake_filling`.`filling_id` = `filling`.`id`"#,        r#"INNER JOIN `cake` ON `cake`.`id` = `cake_filling`.`cake_id`"#,        r#"WHERE `cake`.`id` = 12"#,    ]    .join(" "));

Eager Loading#

Use the find_also_linked method.

assert_eq!(    cake::Entity::find()        .find_also_linked(cake::CakeToFilling)        .build(DbBackend::MySql)        .to_string(),    [        "SELECT `cake`.`id` AS `A_id`, `cake`.`name` AS `A_name`,",        "`filling`.`id` AS `B_id`, `filling`.`name` AS `B_name`",        "FROM `cake`",        "LEFT JOIN `cake_filling` ON `cake`.`id` = `cake_filling`.`cake_id`",        "LEFT JOIN `filling` ON `cake_filling`.`filling_id` = `filling`.`id`",    ]    .join(" "));