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Welcome to SeaQL

ยท One min read
Chris Tsang

One year ago, when we were writing data processing algorithms in Rust, we needed an async library to interface with a database. Back then, there weren't many choices. So we have to write our own.

December last year, we released SeaQuery, and received welcoming responses from the community. We decided to push the project further and develop a full blown async ORM.

It has been a bumpy ride, as designing an async ORM requires working within and sometimes around Rust's unique type system. After several iterations of experimentation, I think we've attained a balance between static & dynamic and compile-time & run-time that it offers benefits of the Rust language while still be familiar and easy-to-work-with for those who come from other languages.

SeaORM is tentative to be released in Sep 2021 and stabilize in May 2022. We hope that SeaORM will become a go-to choice for working with databases in Rust and that the Rust language will be adopted by more organizations in building applications.

If you are intrigued like I do, please stay in touch and join the community.

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