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What's new in SeaORM 0.5.0

Β· 4 min read
SeaQL Team

πŸŽ‰ We are pleased to release SeaORM 0.5.0 today! Here are some feature highlights 🌟:

Insert and Update Return Model​

[#339] As asked and requested by many of our community members. You can now get the refreshed Model after insert or update operations. If you want to mutate the model and save it back to the database you can convert it into ActiveModel with the method into_active_model.

Breaking Changes:

  • ActiveModel::insert and ActiveModel::update return Model instead of ActiveModel
  • Method ActiveModelBehavior::after_save takes Model as input instead of ActiveModel
// Construct a `ActiveModel`
let active_model = ActiveModel {
name: Set("Classic Vanilla Cake".to_owned()),
// Do insert
let cake: Model = active_model.insert(db).await?;
Model {
id: 1,
name: "Classic Vanilla Cake".to_owned(),

// Covert `Model` into `ActiveModel`
let mut active_model = cake.into_active_model();
// Change the name of cake = Set("Chocolate Cake".to_owned());
// Do update
let cake: Model = active_model.update(db).await?;
Model {
id: 1,
name: "Chocolate Cake".to_owned(),

// Do delete
Proposed by:

Julien Nicoulaud

Contributed by:

Billy Chan

ActiveValue Revamped​

[#340] The ActiveValue is now defined as an enum instead of a struct. The public API of it remains unchanged, except Unset was deprecated and ActiveValue::NotSet should be used instead.

Breaking Changes:

  • Rename method sea_orm::unchanged_active_value_not_intended_for_public_use to sea_orm::Unchanged
  • Rename method ActiveValue::unset to ActiveValue::not_set
  • Rename method ActiveValue::is_unset to ActiveValue::is_not_set
  • PartialEq of ActiveValue will also check the equality of state instead of just checking the equality of value
/// Defines a stateful value used in ActiveModel.
pub enum ActiveValue<V>
V: Into<Value>,
/// A defined [Value] actively being set
/// A defined [Value] remain unchanged
/// An undefined [Value]
Designed by:

Chris Tsang
Contributed by:

Billy Chan

SeaORM CLI & Codegen Updates​

Install latest version of sea-orm-cli:

cargo install sea-orm-cli

Updates related to entity files generation (cargo generate entity):

  • [#348] Discovers and defines PostgreSQL enums
  • [#386] Supports SQLite database, you can generate entity files from all supported databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
Proposed by:

Zachary Vander Velden
Contributed by:


Billy Chan


[#373] You can trace the query executed by SeaORM with debug-print feature enabled and tracing-subscriber up and running.

pub async fn main() {

// ...

Contributed by:

Marco Napetti

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A big shout out to our sponsors πŸ˜‡:

Sakti Dwi Cahyono
Shane Sveller
Zachary Vander Velden
Praveen Perera
Unnamed Sponsor


SeaQL is a community driven project. We welcome you to participate, contribute and together build for Rust's future.

Here is the roadmap for SeaORM 0.6.x.