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Version: 0.12.x

Getting Started

This example can be found on SeaORM + Seaography Example.

To get started, all you need is a live SQL database with schema. You can code everything in Rust by writing SeaORM migrations, or design the schema with a GUI tool (e.g. DataGrip).

Install Seaography

cargo install seaography-cli@^1.0.0-rc.2

Generate Seaography Entities

sea-orm-cli generate entity --output-dir graphql/src/entities --seaography

Generate entities with sea-orm-cli, but with an additional --seaography flag. The entities are basically good-old SeaORM entities, but with additional RelatedEntity enum.

Generate GraphQL Project

seaography-cli graphql graphql/src/entities $DATABASE_URL sea-orm-seaography-example

Start the server

cd graphql
cargo run

You are of course free to modify the project to suit your needs. But the interesting bit starts at the seaography::register_entity! macro and the seaography::Builder.