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Version: 0.12.x

🧭 Seaography Intro

If you are building a full-stack application with a web GUI these days, it's likely you'd use GraphQL as the communication interface between frontend and backend. A GraphQL schema is strongly typed and self-documenting, so no doubt frontend developers love them!

However, building GraphQL resolvers is no easy task for backend developers. There is a huge impedance mismatch between GraphQL and SQL, even though they both deemed relational. Luckily, we've got your back!

Seaography is a GraphQL framework built on top of SeaORM and async-graphql. Together with many other Rust libraries (e.g. tokio, serde), we argue, the Rust ecosystem provides the best technology for building GraphQL backends!

SeaORM is dynamic by design. async-graphql v5.0 introduced dynamic schema and is a perfect match with SeaORM, as we can take a SeaORM Entity and upgrade it into a GraphQL Entity.

Seaography started out as a Summer of Code 2022 project. It is still in an early stage, the current limitations are: 1) No mutation 2) No Data Loader, but nonetheless can be useful in prototyping and building internal-use admin panels.

With just a few commands, you can launch a GraphQL server from SeaORM entities!